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air jordan 1 mid ps shattered backboard,The robust designed Sivtek Tumbler screen® is a real-time solution for products having low bulk density & where very fine particles to be separated from the larger ones. It can deliver optimal results for high BD products as well.

The Sivtek Tumbler Screen generates three-dimensional tumbling motion (elliptical movement) that enables screening of fine & ultra-fine particles with ease.,clear jordans 1

air jordan 1 mid black gold patent leather,The elliptical movement sets radial & tangential inclination. The screening material spreads evenly on the entire surface from the centre towards the periphery. The radical inclination makes the screening material move from center to outwards & tangential inclination makes material move in a circular pattern, thus a spiral motion is achieved. Fine particles pass through from center while coarse particles travel outwards in a circular pattern on periphery & are discharged from the outlet.

The uniqueness of Sivtek Tumbler Screen® is its working pattern. Its working pattern allows screening material to move in a spiral direction on the mesh, enabling the material to stay longer on the screen & this in return gives the precise level of screening & grading. Our Sivtek Tumbler Screen® can help to achieve gradation up to 6 sizes with a total of 5 decks attached to it.,how to tell if jordan 11s are fake

jordan 1 mid white cement,The residence time of material over the screen can be adjusted by Sivtek Settings.

It is best suitable for screening low bulk density products like talc powder, grading & sorting granules, light-weighted & ultra-fine particles. The proven record stands for screening & sorting requirements of food & beverage, pharmaceutical, minerals & metallurgy, plastic, & chemical industry. Sivtek Tumbler Screen® is well structured to deliver optimal efficiency & best results for high bulk density products & any applications/materials regardless of their characteristics.,gold jordan 12s

To meet the requirement of highly sensitive industries such as food, pharmaceuticals & chemical we offer the machine in the highest standards. Tumbler screener is available as per GMP & FDA guidelines with extremely smooth surface & crevice-free joints. On-demand, the whole tumbler machine could be exclusively manufactured with 304, 316 or 316L grade of stainless steel.,off-white jordan 4 stockx

At present Sivtek Tumbler Screen® would be available in two sizes 48” & 84” inch (diameter of decks) with standard mild steel built up, but on request & as per the requirement it will be available with stainless steel 304/316/316L.,authentic jordan websites

kaws nike air jordan 4,While screening fine material or material with high moisture content, chances of screen clogging are high. To avoid such clog ups in the continuous feeding process, we provide a highly functional add-on accessory – Ball Tapping System.


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The three-dimensional tumbling motion helps to achieve 99% higher efficiency while screening or accuracy while grading any material. ,union jordan 1 mid

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As compared to vibrating separators it has 3-4 times less acceleration, & due to that Tumbler screens have a longer life span. ,jordan fusion 5

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air jordan 1 mid se black gold,The Sivtek Tumbler Screen® consumes less electric power & also they require minimal maintenance as compared to Vibro screeners.

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